• Resources

    We’re passionate about supporting couples and parents. Here are a few of the free resources we have available. Le often speaks at parenting conferences and also teaches other therapists how to better support people on difficult parenting journey.


    The Charlotte Mason Show with Julie Ross

    CM 3 Episode #25 CM on Parenting Adoptive, Special Needs, and Children Through Trauma with Le Shepard


    Love in the Age of Epilepsy: Relationship Help for Parents of Children with PCDH19

    This presentation on managing relationships and parenting children with disabilities was done as part of Le’s volunteer work with the PCDH19 Alliance. It has subtitles in English and Spanish. You can watch it HERE.

    We have more videos up on YouTube. You can subscribe HERE.

    Conference Handouts

    Coping with Hard Emotions – Adoptive Parents 
    Conversations for Adoptive Parents

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