• Online Therapy in Texas

    Video Chat Counseling for Individuals, Couples and Groups Across Texas

    Wondering if online therapy is right for you?

    You know it’s time to take the first step towards therapy and now you’re looking into your options. Maybe you spend all day zooming for work or maybe you avoid virtual meetings like the plague. Either way, you want to make sure you take the right approach to therapy because it matters that you get help in the most effective way possible.

    We’re passionate about online therapy and can talk for hours about the benefits. Here are a few of our favorites:

    ●  It’s easier to be consistent in therapy since you don’t have to hire a babysitter and drive to an office.

    ●  You and your partner can log in together or separately, whatever works best for you.

    ●  Online therapy has proven to be just as effective for most people and many clients say they benefit even more than they did in traditional therapy.

    ●  You can practice new relationship skills or cope with traumas in a space where you already feel safe and comfortable. 

    At 1000 Hills, we’ve never seen online therapy as a lesser form of therapy or a backup for when getting to the office is difficult because we know better than that. We’re a completely virtual therapy practice and always have been. When COVID hit, people around the globe realized what we had already discovered: online therapy is just as effective for most clients and more effective than traditional, face-to-face counseling for many.

    The best way to see if online therapy is a good fit for you, is a free 20 minute consultation. You’ll have a chance to speak with your therapists, get the feel for video chat and make sure we’re a great fit before ever committing to a full session.

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    I built 1000 Hills as an online therapy practice because I saw how hard it was for moms to get to therapy and I watched marriages fall apart when couples couldn’t get to the office. I believe in offering counseling online so people can get help in a way that’s realistic for them. – Le Shepard, LPC, Owner / Therapist @ 1000 Hills Counseling and Consulting

    Online Therapy FAQ

    Is online therapy effective?

    The number one question people ask us is if online therapy is effective. The short answer, absolutely! It isn’t for everyone or every situation but studies show that online therapy is as effective as in-person therapy for most clients. In our experience, attending counseling online is even more effective than traditional therapy for some people. That’s because they feel more relaxed in their own environment, aren’t as stressed about the logistics involved in coming to the office, and are able to attend more regularly.

    Do I need anything special to do online therapy?

    We use HIPAA compliant platforms that work from your computer or your phone. It is similar to Skype or Facetime but more secure and HIPAA compliant. You need to have a connection that is strong enough to stream Netflix and a webcam. Also, it isn’t required but if you use earbuds or headphones the sound will usually be much better.

    Can I see an online counselor from anywhere?

    Online therapy in Texas is regulated by the Behavioral Health Executive Council. Like most states, they have taken the stance that therapists who are licensed in Texas can only see clients who are physically located in Texas during the session. That means that you can be anywhere in the state, but you have to be in the state to engage in online counseling in Texas. Ask your counselor about exceptions to this policy.

    When thinking about where to log in, you’ll want to consider safety and privacy. To feel comfortable talking about the hard topics we address in online therapy, you’ll need a space where you won’t be constantly interrupted or overheard. You also need to be somewhere that you can safely talk and focus on your session. You are welcome to sit in your car if that’s the best place to get alone but we can’t do therapy while you’re driving or doing anything else that’s unsafe for video chat.

    What about online couples counseling? Does that really work?

    If you ask Le this question, she’ll talk your ear off for an hour. Online couples counseling works great for many couples! We practice having the same conversations as we would in an office but many people often feel more comfortable with each other because they are in their own home or an environment where they feel more at ease. Even couples who hide from the kids in a closet for an hour to focus on their relationship often see major shifts in their connection.

    Is it awkward to do counseling online?

    If it’s your first time to do therapy, you might find it awkward sharing so many personal details with a stranger. Most people get used to it quickly though. The same thing is true about starting therapy online. Once you start digging into the challenges that brought you to therapy, you might not even notice the virtual distance anymore. 

    Is this one of those online therapy subscriptions where I can text any time?

    1000 Hills is different than those subscription based services. Our counselors see a limited number of clients each week so they can give you their focused attention during your appointment and provide top notch care. We believe this is the most effective approach to therapy because it gives you time to incorporate the things you’re working on in therapy in your life. We’re here when you need us but we don’t offer unlimited texts or calls between

    How does online therapy benefit me?

    When we do counseling online, we work on many of the same issues we would in an office using many of the same therapies. You can come to therapy at a time and place that’s convenient for you and see real change in your life. Like with all types of therapy, your end results will be influenced by where you’re starting from, how much work you put into it between sessions, and what your goals are. For most people online therapy benefits them about as much as traditional, face-to-face sessions.

    Does my insurance have online therapy benefits?

    Many insurances refuse to cover online therapy or couples counseling but yours might and that is changing. We do not accept any insurances but can provide you with a superbill to submit for possible reimbursement. You can learn more about our prices and our decision to forego insurance here.

    Do you have a physical office?

    We don’t have an office where we see clients face-to-face and we never have. Many therapists realized for the first time during the COVID pandemic that online therapy is a valid treatment option but we’ve been singing it’s praises since long before that.

    What if I still have questions about getting online counseling in Texas?

    We’re happy to answer! We know you may have questions about online therapy or how 1000 Hills can serve you. That’s why we start with a free consultation. We believe in this model of therapy but we know it isn’t for everyone. We want to make sure that it’s a great fit for you. If it isn’t, we’ll try to give you some referrals to in-person therapists in your area.