• Online Couples Counseling

    Do you feel like you have the same fight over and over without ever getting anywhere?

    Maybe you’ve had the same conversation a thousand times but you just can’t get on the same page. Maybe you’re so frustrated at the lack of communication that you’re ready to throw in the towel. For awhile you thought this was just a rough patch but now old traumas or new struggles seem like more than the relationship can take.

    When you take an honest look at the relationship, you might notice:

    ·   You don’t feel as close as you used to and you don’t know how to get that closeness back.

    ·   As soon as one of you tries to start a hard conversation, the other one disappears.

    ·   You feel alone in facing painful memories or huge challenges, even when your person is sitting right beside you.

    ·   You worry about how much longer you can stay in this cycle before everything implodes. 

    Online couples counseling can help.

    It may feel impossible now, but you can rebuild your connection. You can break the cycles that you are stuck in and learn to really communicate with each other again. We can help you get there.


    Online couples counseling helps you do 5 things:

    1. Figure out where you are getting stuck so we can make real changes.
    2. Change the patterns that are pulling you apart.
    3. Heal the pain from past wounds.
    4. Practice new conversations to bring you closer.
    5. Work through the challenges facing your relationship or your family.

    We’ll help you through this process, tailoring each step to your unique needs and circumstances. Our approach to online couples counseling comes from a place of understanding that neither partner is the “problem” but you’re in a cycle that is getting in the way of real connection. 

    There is still hope for your relationship. We can rebuild your connection.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What are online couples counseling sessions like?

    A: You can log in together or on separate devices, whichever works better for you. The first thing we’ll do is an intake where we learn all about your relationship and where each of you are at. After that, we start looking at the cycles you are stuck in. We’ll practice having new conversations where you are able to work through old hurts and face new challenges together.

    Your therapist is on the side of the relationship. We won’t pick sides between the two of you or blame one partner for all of the problems. We’ll be with you while you create new patterns for a relationship that has both of you feeling loved and satisfied.


    Q: Can we do couples counseling if we aren’t fighting?

    A: Yes! Couples often come to therapy because one or both of them are struggling and they need help facing it together. Often, one person has past traumas that are difficult to cope with. As 1000 Hills we regularly work with couples dealing with a child’s diagnosis or difficult post-adoption challenges. 


    Q: Is online couples counseling as effective as face-to-face?

    A: For many couples, online counseling works as good or better than traditional counseling. That’s because couples are able to log in from a space where they feel comfortable and it’s easier to be consistent with convenient, online appointments. Anecdotally, it seems like lots of couples have an easier time keeping up with the changes they make in therapy because they learned to do them at home. 


    There are some couples who don’t have strong internet connections or have other challenges that keep online couples counseling from being a good fit. One of the reasons we do a free consultation is so we can make sure this method works for you before you invest in it.


    Q: How do we get started?

    A: Our first step is a free consultation. We’ll spend about 20 minutes talking about what you’re facing, what your goals are, and answering any questions you may have.