• Make a Relationship Resolution for 2021

    2020 was a rough year for couples!  Even if you thought your relationship was strong going into it, you may have found yourselves so tired of being cooped up together that you retreated to opposite ends of the house.  Maybe you can’t stop fighting, even in front of the kids.  Maybe every time you try to have a real conversation, it starts to blow up and one of you disappears.

    For many of the couples I see, this was a hard year to focus on much more than surviving and adapting to the constant chaos.  You might have tried to do some at home date nights or work on the relationship but found those impossible to maintain with everything else going on. Perhaps there were just so many losses that it felt like you could never really get your footing long enough to reconnect.  Now, going into the new year, it’s time for a change.  You’re ready to really focus on breaking the cycles that you’re stuck in and making your marriage better than it has ever been.

    This is the perfect year to make a relationship resolution!


    relationship resolution


    Whether you are still clinging to each other or barely speaking at this point, 2021 doesn’t have to be a repeat of 2020.  If you’re ready to work on your relationship, I’m ready to work with you.  Couples counseling can make the difference between another aspiration that fizzles out and having a brand new marriage when the pandemic ends.

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    Meet Your Counselor

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    My name is Le (rhymes with Smee) and I’m an experienced couples counselor who won’t shy away from the hard stuff.  Whether you are exhausted from the pandemic, carrying trauma, or unsure if your relationship can even make it, I’ll work with you to find peace, healing and connection. I use a mixture of research backed therapy, compassion and real world experience to help couples change the cycles that they get stuck in and find each other again.


    I earned my master’s degree in counseling psychology from Texas Woman’s University.  I also hold a trauma therapy certificate and have advanced training in emotionally focused couples therapy.  In fact, I serve on the North Texas Emotionally Focused Therapy Community’s steering committee.  I often train other counselors to work with couples and individuals who are struggling with difficult parenting situations.


    Couples Counseling Details

    Here’s what you can expect in couples counseling at 1000 Hills.  Your first step is a free consultation where we’ll make sure we’re a great fit and talk about what you would like your relationship to look like.  At the end of that meeting, we’ll schedule an intake where I’ll learn about your relationship and each partner’s history.  That helps us make an individualized plan so we can get the two of you reconnected.  We usually meet weekly and start off by focusing on the patterns in your relationship where you tend to get stuck.  Over time, you’ll practice having a different kind of conversation where you are able to reconnect and work through the hurt.  We’ll work towards a space where you can talk through the hard issues and, when you do fight, it isn’t catastrophic.


    relationship resolution couples counseling


    Online Therapy

    1000 Hills is completely online and always has been.  We see clients online because telehealth has proven to be an effective and convenient way for couples to heal.  You can log in from anywhere in the state that you have a secure connection and you can log in from separate locations if needed.  We’ll use a secure platform, similar to Zoom, to meet each week.


    We do not accept any insurances because that allows us to serve you in the best way we know how with an outside company forcing you to have a diagnosis or dictating your treatment.  Your first step is a 20 minute consultation that is always free.  Couples intakes last 90 minutes and cost $195.  Future sessions last 45 minutes and cost $145 each.  Please ask your counselor about sliding scale options if needed.


    Make your resolution a reality and schedule your free consultation today.

    Click here to schedule your free, 20 minute consultation. 

    If you have any other questions, please email me at Le@1000HillsCounseling.com or give me a call at 940-202-9597.