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Parent to Parent Conference in Tyler, TX

Join me in Tyler on February 23, 2019  for two presentations at a conference just for parents of kids with special needs.

Stress Management for Parents of Kids with Disabilities

 Parents of children with disabilities can experience extremely high stress levels. This often impacts their relationships, work life, personal wellbeing and their ability to parent. We are often told to put our own oxygen masks on first so that we can care for our kids but that is easier said than done. You will learn common triggers for stress, red flags to watch out for and some useful coping skills.


In This Together: Marriage and Special Needs Parenting

Parenting kids with special needs can strain even the healthiest relationships.  In addition to the pressure of therapies, appointments and lifestyle changes, each person has to cope with the what the diagnosis means to them.  In all of this, good people who love each other often find themselves disconnected.  In this session, we will discuss common stuckpoints, ways to support our partners and stay connected while on a difficult parenting journey.  You will hear practical steps that you can use to improve your relationship today.


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