• Counseling for Parents of Kids with Special Needs

    Are you struggling to cope with a parenting journey that looks nothing like you imagined? 

    Maybe you are reeling from a new diagnosis and trying to wrap your mind around what life for your child and family is going to look like going forward. Maybe you’ve been dealing with it for a while but it’s getting too heavy to carry or you thought you were handling it but suddenly found yourself flailing again. It might be hard to separate your love for your child from the pain of the diagnosis. If you have people trying to support you, they probably don’t understand what this level of parenting is like. 

    You’re trying to keep your head above water but you might be noticing:

    ·      You’re angry or grieving the way it was supposed to be.

    ·      You have flashbacks or nightmares of the

    ·      You hear people saying you’re strong but it doesn’t feel that way.

    ·      You still manage to take care of your kids and do what absolutely has to be done but nothing more.

    ·      You’re exhausted from fighting the doctors, schools, insurance, and all the other people who should just do what is right by your child.

    ·      You and your partner can’t seem to have a decent conversation about the situation.

    ·      You find it hard to be happy or feel “normal” about anything with this looming over you.

    Online therapy for parents of kids with special needs can help.

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    It may feel impossible now, but you can learn to walk this road without losing yourself. You can face the pain of the diagnosis so that you can show up for your family in a way that you’re proud of. You can heal and find peace again. I can help you get there.


    In your sessions, we’ll help you:

    ·      Discover where you are in the stages of grief that most parents go through.

    ·      Understand how the trauma you’ve experienced is impacting you and how to heal it.

    ·      Work through the pain and loss so that you can feel joy and hope again.

    ·      Cope with the diagnosis, stigma, and daily challenges unique to this parenting journey.

    ·      Have new conversations with your partner so you can understand and support each other.

    We’ll walk with you through this process, tailoring each step to your unique needs and circumstances. We’ll give you space to grieve and say the things you can’t say in front of the parents with neurotypical kids while always recognizing your child’s value and humanity. Our approach to counseling parents of kids with special needs or disabilities comes from a place of truly understanding the grief, the trauma and the potential for joy. We’ve walked this road ourselves and we’re ready to join you on your journey.

     You don’t have to do this alone. 

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    We’ve collected a few of the most common questions we’re asked. If you don’t find the answers you’re looking for, please call or email us. You can also schedule a free, 20 minute consultation to learn more and make sure we’re the right fit for you.


    Q: What kind of counseling for parents of kids with special needs is available?

    A: At 1000 Hills, we offer individual, group or couples therapy for parents depending on what would serve you best. We practice emotionally focused couples therapy which is the only therapy to be proven effective for parents of kids with special needs. We offer individual therapy to help you cope with the grief and trauma of this parenting journey and a group format so you can heal with the support of others who truly understand.


    Q: Why do parents of kids with special needs or disabilities need therapy?

    A: This isn’t typical parenting. You may have experienced trauma from medical or behavioral crises. You might be struggling to cope with a diagnosis that changed everything for your family. Maybe you’re worried about how this impacts your other kids. All of that is both hard and normal. Most people on this parenting journey struggle at different points and need extra support.


    Q: What will we talk about in therapy?

    A: We’ll focus on your experience, your emotions, and your relationships. We aren’t parenting coaches and won’t spend our time telling you how to parent. You have enough other people giving advice. This is a space for you to work on your own mental health and to say the things you can’t say anywhere else. 

    You’ll log in every week to a space that is safe for you to work through the pain so you can show up in your life, relationships, and parenting in a way that you’re proud of.


    Q: How do we get started?

    A: Our first step is a free consultation. We’ll spend about 20 minutes talking about what you are facing, what you hope to change with therapy and what type of therapy would serve you best. You’ll have a chance to ask all of your questions and make sure we’re a great fit. We are passionate about helping parents so we’ll try to help you find the right therapist for you, even if that isn’t us.