• Costs

    At 1000 Hills Counseling & Consulting, we have a variety of treatment options.

    Individual Therapy

    • 45 – 50 minute session = $145

    Couples Therapy

    • 45 – 50 minute session = $145
    • 90 – 100 minute intake session = $195

    Group Therapy

    • 45 minute group = $50

    *please note that the first step is always a free consultation.

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    We do not accept any insurance at this time. While we know that many people prefer, or need, to use their insurance benefits, we have chosen to be strictly private pay. That allows us to focus on you and your needs instead of what someone at an insurance company thinks about your situation. This also keeps us from having to assign a diagnosis to clients that could potentially cause them challenges down the road. Additionally, many insurances do not cover couples counseling or telehealth.

    In some cases, clients are able to submit an out-of-network claim to their insurance company and be reimbursed for some or all of the cost. A great tool to assist with that process is the app, Better. We will gladly provide you with a superbill for your sessions if asked but we cannot guarantee that your claim will be paid. You are responsible for all charges at the beginning of the session.

    Make sure to talk to your therapist about superbills in advance so we can discuss what they require.

    Sliding Scale

    A sliding scale is available in some cases for clients who need it. Please ask your therapist for details. Any arrangements for a different cost than is posted must be agreed to BEFORE the session takes place.