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    Online Therapy for Adoptive Parents

    Parenting kids who were adopted brings up every emotion ever created. This is a journey with intense highs and lows.

    You were probably nervous and full of excitement the day you met your kid. You knew there would be hard moments on this journey but you probably didn’t know they would be this hard. Now, you’re knee deep in the world of attachment issues, fetal alcohol syndrome, birth family drama, or any one of the other adoption related challenges that seem to be taking over your world. Maybe you find yourself struggling with grief that you weren’t able to be your child’s biological parent or anger at the parents who had that privilege and used it to harm your son or daughter. Maybe your relationship is buckling under the strain and you can’t figure our how to reconnect.

    I’ve been there. I can help.

    As a therapist and an adoptive mama, I understand the struggle. I’ll meet you in the pain and give you space to say all the hard things that the rest of the world isn’t willing to hear. I promise to believe you when you tell me what’s happening in your house without blaming you for choosing this path. I’ll work with you individually or as a couple to process the pain, reconnect and find a way to have peace forward.

    Just a note:

    This isn’t a parenting class. I’m happy to refer you to some great parenting coaches if that’s what you need but in our sessions, the focus will be on you and your pain. You probably have a litany of professionals focused on your child and all the things they want you to do different. This is a place for you to process the journey, come together as a couple and heal your own heart.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What kind of counseling for adoptive parents is available?

    A: At 1000 Hills, we offer individual, group or couples therapy for parents depending on what would serve you best. You can do sessions on your own, with your partner, or as part of a group of parents on the same journey. If you aren’t sure which type of therapy would serve you best, we would be happy to talk with you about your specific situation. 


    Q. How can couple counseling for adoptive parents help?

    A. Adoptive parents typically go into couples counseling for two reasons: their relationship is fraying because of the stress or they still feel connected but don’t know how to support each other.  We support couples as they practice having deeper conversations and learn to be on the same team again. The truth is that the best way to make it through the challenges of adoptive parenting is by leaning on each other. We help you learn to do that.


    Q: Are you going to judge me or my family?

    A: We get it. Your family doesn’t look like anyone else’s. You might have mismatched skin tones, meltdowns in public, or alarms on the refridgerator. Everywhere you go, people comment or look or judge. Everywhere but here. We’re not here to judge or tell you how to be a better parent. We’re here to sit in the much with you and give you a place to process the pain and chaos so that you can parent in the best way you know how.


    Q: What will we talk about in therapy?

    A: Therapy is a space to talk about the stuff you can’t talk about anywhere else. You can share the hard thoughts that you wouldn’t want anyone else to hear and work through the ugly emotions. You can also share the joys and triumphs along the way. We’ll meet you wherever you are and work on the challenges you are facing in parenting, relationships or life in general.


    Q: How do we get started?

    A: Our first step is a free consultation. We’ll spend about 20 minutes talking about what you are facing, what you hope to change with therapy and what type of therapy would serve you best. You’ll have a chance to ask all of your questions and make sure we’re a great fit. We are passionate about helping parents so we’ll try to help you find the right therapist for you, even if that isn’t us.