• Wholehearted Adoptive Mamas Group


    For adoptive moms who are ready to go from broken hearted chaos to wholehearted parenting



    You knew adoption would have tough moments but nothing prepared you for this.  You’ve done everything you know to do to keep your family together but it’s exhausting and you feel completely alone.

    When the adoption parties are all over and real life with kids from hard places sets in, many adoptive moms:

    •  Struggle to attach and connect with their kids
    •  Feel exhausted from the constant fight for services
    •  Have symptoms of depression, anxiety or PTSD from the chaos in their homes
    •  Get judged by typical parents who don’t have any clue what they’re facing.
    •  Feel like they’ve lost the person they were before the adoption.

    Most adoptive moms feel like they have to struggle in secret.  You might think you’re the only one who has this hard of a time after the adoption.  You probably think no one understands.


    You aren’t alone.  Adoption is HARD.  Living in a home ruled by trauma can be excruciating.


    The Wholehearted Adoptive Mamas Group can help you:

    • Cope with the overwhelm and frustration.
    • Feel less depression and anxiety as your body copes with the trauma you’ve experienced.
    • Work through the difference between how you thought life would be and how it is.
    • Know you aren’t alone.


    Note: This is NOT a parent coaching group.  We’re not going to talk about how to better parent your child or all the ways you’re getting it wrong.  This is a therapy group to help moms cope with the challenges of adoptive parenting so that they can heal and show up for their families in a way they feel proud of.



    le shepard adoptive moms group

    I’m Le Shepard.  I’m a mama by birth and adoption.  I’m also an experienced therapist who is passionate about helping moms cope with the challenges of this parenting journey.





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