Parenting is hard!

It’s not that you expected parenting to always be a walk in the park but you didn’t think your journey would be this hard.
You probably never expected to be here.
You might have been caught off guard by how much the twists and turns of life have shaken you.
Maybe your relationships are crumbling under the pressure of it all.
Maybe you feel completely alone despite living in a house full of people.

Let us walk with you and help you carry the load.

At 1000 Hills, we know what it’s like to go through hard times, to cope with a child’s diagnosis, to carry the scars of trauma, to weather relationship storms and come out stronger on the other side. Our therapists use a combination of scientifically proven therapies and real life understanding to help you on this journey.

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About LeAnne Shepard

I provide online therapy for people who feel stuck in hard emotions or disconnected in their relationship. I specialize in working with individuals and couples who are struggling post-adoption or who have children with special needs. I am trained in emotion focused therapy for couples. I use a tailored, integrative approach with individuals.

As an adoptive mom and a special needs parent, I understand what it’s like to struggle with broken dreams and immense pressures. I meet clients online at convenient times because I know the same things that drive us to need therapy, often stand in the way of getting it. Please reach out for a free, no pressure video consultation.

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